We are an innovative practice that create buildings and put place-making at the heart of our process. We achieve this through our Design Ethos: Creativity-led, Commercial Viability, Innovation, and Sustainability.

As experts in the residential sector, our analytical approach allows each project to respond uniquely to its own context; creating places & developments that deliver added-value for our clients; and experiences (through buildings and places) that enrich, empower, and connect lives.

Housing Communities

We put place-making at the heart of everything we do as a practice. This means we start with understanding existing communities, then using the necessary tools to engage with, and distil how we develop new ones. From local vernacular, to modern ambitions, historical context to innovative narratives. We promoting Social, Economic, and Environmental Sustainability wherever possible, and encourage walkable neighbourhoods.


House sketch with yellow people-2.png

Student accommodation & pavilion

Gbolade Design Studio have been appointed to extend this 300no. bed student accommodation with a mature student block. We will also be providing a student pavilion to accommodate over 300no. students. We adopted an approach were we saw the existing students as experts. Following our ‘Student Workshop’ session, the pavilion looks to be complete with flexible spaces, rooftop loungers, and, you guessed it, sound-proof party hub!


Tripos Pavilion External.JPG
Tripos Pavilion Internal.JPG

Dine underneath the stars

Gbolade Design Studio have undertaken our own R&D project: the r-Home. This directly translate to ‘Garden House’. We were inspired by the ‘riads’ (interior garden/courtyard houses) through our travels to Morocco, and felt the UK market could adopt the best of both worlds! This product uses modular construction to create standard homes that can be customised by the end user to reflect their needs. These are being designed to Passivhaus standards in a BIM environment.


exterior 1.jpg
rHomeInterior 2.jpg

Look Up

Our client is almost complete on site! They wanted to extend their home in a way that would allow them to expand along with tier growing family, while have a sense of grandeur. Part of the proposal included a vaulted ceiling to the rear where they could borrow additional daylight thrown into their existing home.



Luxurious living in Conservation Areas

This project saw Gbolade Design Studio re-purpose this existing historic commercial building for 9no. stunning apartments - while retaining the retail space to the ground floor. Being in a Conservation Area, and right on the doorstep of the high-street meant we needed to respond to this building with care.



New Housing in Rotherhide

Gbolade Design Studio were asked to explore the redevelopment of an underused site in London. Our proposal looks to provide 30no. new apartments with a mix of market sale and affordable housing. The scheme comprises mainly of 1 & 2 bed units.


Southwark House, London.jpg